Home Certification

As a Built Green® professional, you'll get the following materials and services:

Self-Certification Checklist

The checklist is the heart of the program, conveniently summarizing the Built Green® options. This is a great guide to help you and your customer select the features to include in their new home or remodel.
You check off those Action Items on the list and total up the points to determine what Star rating - 1, 2, or 3 Stars - the project earns.
When the project is completed, you certify to the Building Industry Association of Whatcom County (BIAWC) that all checked items on the list have been completed. BIAWC, in turn, will award a Certificate of Merit indicating the star rating for the project.
Built Green® Handbook
This easy-to-use handbook includes explanations and environmental justifications for the 260- plus Action Items in the checklist. It is a valuable guide to building a quality home or remodel while protecting the environment. Many of the Action Items will actually save you money and enhance the quality of your craft. Several options will significantly reduce the operating and maintenance costs, leading to significant savings for your customers over the lifetime of their home.
Points toward Built Green® star ratings are grouped into six categories of environmentally friendly actions:
Build to Green® Codes/Regulations
As a builder, you are required to meet the energy, air quality, and water efficiency codes. Built Green® recognizes you for meeting these codes.
Site and Water
The program awards points for a variety of common-sense techniques to help you manage and make the best of the natural resources on your site.
Energy Efficiency
Push your project beyond the Energy Code! Your project will earn points and your customer will enjoy increased comfort and reduced energy bills.
Health and Indoor Air Quality
Promote good air quality both during construction and over the life of the home. Your clients and crews will be healthier and safer.
Materials Efficiency
Add quality by focusing on durability and locally-produced materials. Enhance job site efficiency and reduce your consumption of natural resources
Promote Environmentally-Friendly Home Ownership
This category is part education and part marketing. The program requires that you provide the homeowner with an owners manual - and you'll score points with them when you help them make their homes and gardens safer and more environmentally friendly.

To view a copy of the Whatcom County's checklist (pdf format), Click Here!