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July 14th meeting -- RSVP to get lunch

We meet at at 11:30 a.m. Monday, July 14, at Baker Creek Place to discuss any changes to the new "Green Communities" checklist.  Staff will buy lunch for anyone who RSVP's to  by Moinday morning. 

We adopted the “Green Communities” checklist in April, with the proviso that we’d consider changes at this July meeting.  This is “community” certification for multi-home projects.  It was developed in Pierce County, then adopted in Skagit County where it has been used only once in about 8 years.   On the technical side – is it appropriate?  Is it too simple?  Do you see any changes you’d suggest for creating what we in Whatcom will henceforth call “Built Green communities”?  Builders, we need your comments. 

Meanwhile --
A warm welcome to our newest member, Kiersten Sahlberg of The RJ Group, which is hoping to apply a Built Green certification to a multi project in the Fountain Neighborhood – becoming the first major Bham project to use the “infill toolkit.” 



3 BG members on Imagine This! Tour

Built Green members Aiki Homes, Building Design Services and Chuckanut Builders are featured stops on this year's Sustainable Connections IMAGINE THIS! home tour, June 21-22. Tour locations include the Birthroot Birthcenter at 1600 Broadway, a Chuckanut Builders project, and 206 Sea Pines in Bellingham, a project of Aiki Homes and Building Design Services. To view an interactive Google map for site locations, descriptions and highlights – click here. The tour cost is $10 per person, kids under 15 FREE (tickets available online or at the Food Coop and Village Books).

ski-to-sea parade - May 24

We need volunteers to pull a Grand Parade demo!  Let Linda know if you can participate, .  Thanks!

Next meeting starts at 11:30 a.m. Monday, July 8.

A Built Green Communities certification program is on the agenda. Bring your lunch for discussion of this and other items at 11:30 a.m., at 1650 Baker Creek Place. All interested parties are welcome.  


The BIAWC has named DEBORAH TODD of Building Design Services as the 2013 "Built Green® Builder of the Year," and RODD PEMBLE of SSC as the "Built Green® Associate of the Year."  Congratualtions, and a hearty thank you for all your support!


The new statewide checklist is almost complete -- final touches were added at a state Built Green® meeting Jan. 30.  Whatcom Built Green® voted Jan. 13th to require 3rd party vertification at the 4- and 5-star levels of the new checklist, as we have before.  We also voted to require any builder who hasn't certified a BG project before to meet early in his/her project with the designer, client and a 3rd party verifier, to go over the plans and see how BG principles can be applied. Veteran participants think there's great educational value in this. 
As soon as state sends out final copies, the new checklist will be posted under the Going Green tab above.  The manual will be e-mailed to members. 

Built Green® Board – SHIFTS to quarterly meetings

JOIN US at BIAWC’s 1650 Baker Creek Place
11:30 a.m. the 2nd Monday of January, April, July, and October.
Anyone interested is welcome to attend -- bring a lunch!


What is Built Green®?

Built Green® of Whatcom County encourages environmentally responsible building and construction by certifying homes that meet specific criteria.
This program is administered by the Building Industry Association of Whatcom County, using a checklist-based system. Various levels of certification are possible: typically, the higher levels require that the project be inspected and documented by a certified third-party verifier to ensure accuracy.

Working in conjunction with professionals from all realms of home building, in addition to the building departments for both the city and county, the Built Green® program sets its own criteria for certification. Whatcom County's Built Green® program certifies new single-family homes and remodels. 

Projects that are certified through Built Green® have demonstrated achievement in several areas of environmental responsibility:
     Preserving natural processes through responsible site and water management
     Lowering operating costs through energy-efficient equipment and systems
     Reducing toxins and pollutants for a healthier indoor environment
     Minimizing waste by careful materials selection and jobsite recycling

Built Green® Mission Statement

To work in partnership to create safer, healthier and more efficient homes, reduce impacts of construction and development, and improve and protect the valuable community and natural resources of Whatcom County.

We will achieve this by:
    • Using a voluntary, market driven approach.
    • Delivering a credible standard for home construction that reflects the Building Industry Association of Whatcom County’s commitment to building
      better communities through environmental responsibility.
    • Providing information and education to enhance the capacity of our design and building professionals to employ effective technologies, products, 
      and practices to achieve the standard.
    • Actively promoting the features and benefits of these practices to homebuyers, making Built Green® the preferred consumer standard.

Built Green® Certification Process:

  •     Join Built Green® -- to certify a project, you must be a "builder/designer/ developer" member. You do not have to be a BIAWC member to join.
  •     Attend an orientation session. Call the BIAWC office for dates.
  •     Enroll your project -- including payment and a preliminary checklist.
  •     Hire a Verifier before building if you want Built Green® 4- or 5-star certification.
  •     To complete certification when construction is done --
          • Submit final checklist signed by builder.
          • Submit verification documents if certifying as 4- or 5-star.
  •     Receive a Built Green® rating and certificate!


 To see our current checklists, click on the "Going Green" tab above.

We have an agreement with Whatcom County that Built Green-registered projects will receive fast-track permit treatment.  The city of Bellingham's "Bin-Bump-Up" program honors 4- and 5-star Built Green projects.

Built Green® is a proud partner of Northwest ENERGY STAR®  and a member of Built Green® Washington. Major program sponsors include Cascade Natural Gas and Puget Sound Energy.






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